A Step-Mother on her anniversary,
her new husband, a thoroughbred mogul,
celebrating at the track
every day.

This day was special
the spotlight on a nag,
a winless mudder.

An inside tip
when inside tips
could still be hidden.

He made a huge bet.
The nag
splashed her way to victory
through the torrential rain.  

99-1; $189.00 for $2.00.
Her new husband won $25,000,
down payment on a horse farm.

The next morning
he drank a martini
in lurid triumph
from her red, stained pump.

Soon, cheating peeked his head
over the paddock, 
odds on.  

A mare now,
a filly no more,
shod regularly
till the marriage
broke down.

Published by Spindrift