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Vern Fein’s interviews bring back an amazing time of transformation. He captures the intimate inside story of the journey through cultural alienation and radical politics to an equally committed and more lasting faith in Jesus. Those who lived this journey and anyone who wants to better understand the upheaval and the late 1960s and early ‘70s will love this book.

Martin Shupack, Director of Advocacy, Church World Service


What happened to those people who had the same life turns that I did? How did they become part of the first counter-culture revolution and how and why did they come into the second huge change?  How were they doing now, what had they done with their lives, where were they in their faith now that had blitzkrieged them without warning, what was their view of the church that had become a haven instead of the scourge it was for most of them during their radical days?


The life style changes—the long hair, the psychedelic use, the introduction of the Pill, the swing toward Eastern religion —were concomitant with these political happenings.  Every aspect of what had been considered normal in this country was subject to protest and radical change.


What caused this philosophical somersault? In a word—God, a relationship with God. They began to experience the reality and love of God coming in the message and presence of Jesus. From that new starting point they came to believe in the affirmations of the historic Christian faith. They found ourselves genuinely transformed in a personal relationship with Jesus.



About Vern Fein

Vern Fein is a retired teacher and community organizer of outreaches to those in need who has decided to write now because Vern has the time and strong inclination to do so. Vern has published a number of poems and short non-fiction pieces, which can be read on the Published Works link.